Nottingham meditation retreat July 2013

July 1, 2013

Ever wanted to attend a day long or week long retreat without having to travel away from the city? Still in the city is an urban yoga and meditation retreat running in Nottingham led by Jake Dartington and Jasmin Bahia. This unique 5 day retreat runs from Monday 22nd July right through to Friday July 26th, you have the option to attend the full 5 days or simply attend one or two days. The day long retreat runs 10am to 4.30pm and will begin with a 60 minute Yoga class, followed by meditation and walking meditation. There will be a one hour lunch slotted in. The urban yoga and meditation retreat has sprung up as both teachers (Jake and Jasmin) are often away attending various retreats and practises with their own teachers, they have decided to take some time to create their own retreat environment within the city of Nottingham and invite you to join them.

In order to book, please contact Bahia Yoga